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The Popcast Live! 2024 Dallas + Chicago City Guides

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Greetings and Salutations. If you've made the profoundly wise decision to attend one of our 2024 live shows, we want your entire experience to be magical from beginning to end.

This 14 page guide will be your compass and Rosetta Stone ensuring you cut through all the noise of opportunity in both Dallas and Chicago.
In this guide, you’ll find our picks for each city’s hidden gems; the best places to stay; spots perfect for snapping a photo for the ‘gram; and, of course, our heartfelt guidance on how to indulge in only the best eateries each city has to offer.

Jiminy Cricket once said “let your conscience be your guide,” but he was a cricket and A) crickets are notoriously unreliable and B) consciences are great and all, but they won’t help you get reservations or navigate traffic. So let your conscience handle the ethical stuff and these city guides will take care of everything else.

Plus, for the low, low price of FREE.99, what do you have to lose? A nice hotel bed and some good food, that's what.