What's a pre-order?
All PMG merchandise is pre-order, which is just a fancy way of saying we don't keep any items on hand. Every time our shop opens, we take orders for a couple weeks, close the shop to produce all of the items purchased, and then we ship out a few weeks later. 

Ok, so when do I get my stuff?
For each pre-order, we do our best to give you timelines for shipping. You'll find those on the Terms + Conditions checkbox, as well as on the product pages. For this October launch, our goal is to have all items shipped by December 8, 2023.

Why is shipping so high?!
*Sigh* Shipping is hard, friends. First, let us say we do not make a profit on our shipping. All of our rates are calculated by USPS or UPS based on the size of our packaging and the weight of goods purchased. Because we're a small business doing a few hundred orders per launch (vs. medium and large retailers doing thousands of orders a month or even a day), we don't get the bulk shipping rates you're used to seeing when ordering online. 

Will these items be available again?
Maybe, but also maybe not! Each pre-order will be themed with unique items, and we can't guarantee anything will come back. If you like something, be sure to grab it while it's here!